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About Us

Creative Conferences & Events has been delivering events that leave a lasting impression since 1997.

We have sound and detailed knowledge of all the major facilities and services available to provide the backdrop to a successful and memorable event.

Our background and passion for what we do ensures attention to detail and guarantees nothing is left to chance. Our philosophy is to design an event that will not only meet your requirements but exceed your every expectation.

We invite you to take a look at our Portfolio and see some of the great events we have created.

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Environmental Policy

At Creative Conferences & Events we look at ways to work towards improving our own Green Policy and encourage our business partners to do the same.  We cherish the natural environment and are concerned about man’s impact on it.

Our philosophy is to make our actions sustainable by using less of everything now so that it lasts longer.  We prefer to choose products & suppliers that have less of an impact on the planet.

We offer suggestions that assist our clients in reducing the carbon footprint of their events.

Green policy within our business environment

Internally we are almost totally paperless, requesting soft copy material from our suppliers and business partners, filing these electronically (remotely).  Where this is not possible, we use recycled paper, double sided printers, photocopiers, scanners and other minimal impact office equipment.  We practice both internally & at events to:

  • REDUCE  waste altogether
  • REUSE  waste where possible
  • RECYCLE waste where it cannot be reduced or reused.

Events that support a Green Policy

An event Green Checklist has been created by Tourism Australia with the assistance of   the Australian Conservation Foundation and the NSW Department of Environment & Climate Change to guide players in the meetings industry.

Working with our clients we go through the Green Checklist, and identify ways we can reduce the carbon footprint whilst still meeting and delivering the client & event objectives.

We think it’s important to remember that its not all or nothing & every incremental change helps.  If you google “Green Calculator” you can calculate everything from water, to food,  to cars, for you instantly.

Opportunities to make environmental & cost savings exist everywhere in event management, particularly in the areas of:

  • Water
  • Energy
  • Air
  • Waste
  • Transport
  • Procurement
  • Printed Materials/Electronic communications

At Creative Conferences & Events we acknowledge that events can consume enormous amounts of skill and expertise so its important to identify & work with suppliers who share the same environmental philosophy.

Events that support the community

Holding an event can create a wonderful opportunity to help the community. Not only is it important for companies to demonstrate their social conscience, it also makes good business sense.  Where possible Creative Conferences & Events prefers to use local suppliers and make suggestions in the agenda, that incorporate, in a fun way, support for local community projects.  It can be a very bonding experience for all stakeholders who benefit on many levels. 

Anne Stewart

Anne Stewart CEM
Founder and Managing Director

Seeing the need for a personalised and quality-focussed approach to event management, Anne Stewart founded her boutique event management company, Creative Conferences and Events in 1997. Her broad skill set and attention to detail is a  result of a  professional background which includes a previous career with a national airline,  several years owning & operating a boutique motel and various operation & management positions within a 5 star hotel.  Anne has worked with and sometimes run the secretariats of several associations including Women Lawyers, National Speakers & more recently has launched an education initiative for an Engineering Society.  Her artistic flair & belief that every event is a special occasion means that her clients are ensured a unique creative style for their special occasion.

Anne is a Certified Event Manager

Meredith Damon

Meredith Damon CEM
Senior Event Manager

Meredith, a Certified Event Manager has worked in the events & conference industry for over 25 years and has had extensive experience in conference and events management for both corporate companies and associations.  Her background comprises management experience in a number of Sydney’s 5-star Hotels and the Crowne Plaza Hotel Terrigal (formerly Peppers on Sea).  She has also worked for a Professional Conference Management Company and more recently spent ten years working for a large Medical Company as their Events Manager.  Meredith has worked with a number of Associations, managed corporate sales conference programs both within Australia and offshore and has extensive experience in the Medical industry hosting speaker tours, dinner presentation, exhibition etc.  She has a good understanding of the medical industry’s meeting code of conduct. 

Meredith’s experience in Hotel Management, Professional Conference Management and Corporate Conference Management has given her a greater understanding of what is required to host a successful event, anticipating the needs and desires of not only her clients but the venues and suppliers too.

Specialist Consultants

At Creative Conferences & Events we also count on the support of highly qualified and experienced people who come on board to assist with specific client and industry needs on a case-to-case basis.

Choose Your Reward

When you use our services or refer a friend who books a conference we would like to reward you.  You get to choose one of the following rewards.

  • Hoyts, Orpheum or Dendy gift vouchers
  • Kiva Gift Voucher*

* Clients can join the fight to end world poverty by choosing to reward themselves by making a Micro Loan to an entrepreneur in a developing country. Creative Conferences & Events purchases a Kiva Gift voucher & presents it to you.  You then choose who to make the loan to. Go to to see how.