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KIVA loan to Kawral Pont Group.... Good Luck 

Gift voucher donated by Julie from Pearson Australia.  FMrs Amy from Senegal who is taking a loan to buy fruit & Meat for her business. Follow her progress

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New KIVA loan started to Ikusasalethu Group.... Good Luck 

A portion Ikusasalethu Group’s $1,200 loan helps the borrower described to buy fruits, cooking oil, cakes, juices, snacks, sweets, cold drinks, sugar, breads and maize meal.

Follow their progress

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New KIVA loan to Fayza .... Good Luck Fayza.... 

With the money that Ouk Phea has paid back, CCE has made another loan on behalf of our clients to Fayza Abu Shawareb to purchase 1000 laying hens to start a poultry farm.  Fayza is from Jenin City-West Bank, Palestine.  We wish her luck with her new enterprise.

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A Big Thank You to Boral Cement, Minter Ellison & Pearson Education.... 

for choosing a KIVA Gift Certificate as their loyalty reward. CCE has made a loan on their behalf to Ouk Phea, a 60 yr old woman from Cambodia with a KIVA loan to build a shop to sell groceries, vegetables and fruits.

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